Memory Untitled I

Memory Untitled I, is a work that explores memory, loss and grief in the Digital Era.

Since My brother Dovi Polakow passed away in 2005, i understood that our memories are what we have left from those of our not here anymore. Through the years I found out the different moments, smells, sounds, music, landscapes bring back some of these memories. While some of these memories are clear, others are a mixed construct of long gone moments are layered with other memories and emotions.

This piece is made from 3D scan of Dovi’s headstone and digitize recording from old family audio cassettes. The recordings are of conversations my dad recorded when i was a toddler, Dovi was a young teenager and my dad.

With the new tools we have we can create virtual sites of ritual for grief, celebrations, contemplation.

[Please have your volume up or use headphones]