As a photographer I am interested in documenting my environment, from urban landscapes to social issues. I work to find the aesthetics of the chaotic life that surrounds us.

In 2007 I became a member of Activestills, a photography collective that documents social issues in Israel and Palestine, including the experiences of African refugees and the lives of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation. With Activestills I have curated and participated in local and international exhibitions, books, and in work with many media outlets and NGOs.

Between 2010 and 2012 I lived in Tucson, AZ, where I started to document the American Southwest. This is a place of sharp contrasts, with spreading suburban areas as well as communities abandoned to the desert.

From  the end of 2012 till July 2014 I lived to Cape Town, South Africa, where I tried capture the complex reality of life in this country.

After Cape Town i moved back to Tucson until the summer of 2016.

Since August 2016 i live in Louisville, Kentucky


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